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Terms And Conditions

AGREEMENT between the above - named applicants (the Distributor) and MY SUCCESS VIBE. (Hereinafter MY SUCCESS VIBE) effective under the terms and conditions below:

  1. APPLICANT hereby applies for authorization as a Distributor in MY SUCCESS VIBE’s Direct Selling Program. Set forth in the MY SUCCESS VIBE Policies and Procedures, as such now exists or may hereafter be amended.
  2. Upon acceptance as a Distributor by MY SUCCESS VIBE, APPLICANT is authorized as a Distributor unless the Distributor notifies MY SUCCESS VIBE in writing desires to cancel the Distributorship.
  3. 3. APPLICANT has read and agrees to be bound by the terms of this agreement, the MY SUCCESS VIBE Compensation Plan and the Policies and Procedures, all of which are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof for all purposes. MY SUCCESS VIBE reserves the right to improve and do the required change in the compensation plan and the policies in its sole discretion, and APPLICANT agrees to be bound by such changes.
  4. Neither we nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information and materials found or offered on this website for any particular purpose. You acknowledge that such information and materials may contain inaccuracies or errors and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.
  5. APPLICANT is an independent contractor under the terms of this agreement, and not an agent, employee or legal representative of his/her sponsor or MY SUCCESS VIBE, and will in no way represent him/herself as such. As such, APPLICANT is responsible for all applicable income, sales, social security, unemployment or other tax, license or fee arising out of APPLICANT's activities hereunder.
  6. APPLICANT will not produce, promote, or use materials of any kind describing MY SUCCESS VIBE's names, programs, products, and trademarked, copyrighted, or otherwise protected materials except as permitted in MY SUCCESS VIBE’s policies.
  7. APPLICANT has the duty to supervise and train any Distributors that he/she may sponsor as described in the policies.
    APPLICANT will explain MY SUCCESS VIBE's programs honestly and completely when presenting them to others. APPLICANT understands and will make clear in any presentation the following: that no earnings are guaranteed by MY SUCCESS VIBE or its programs; no Distributor will earn money solely for sponsoring; no specific amount of product must be purchased at any level; commissions are based on product sales; that there are no exclusive territories for Distributors in the program.
  8. APPLICANT agrees that compensation is only paid for sales of product to customers and end users as defined in the policies and in the company’s Compensation Plan.
  9. The undersigned hereby acknowledges that he/she is of legal age and authorized to bind APPLICANT to each of the terms set forth herein and to the terms of the Policies and Procedures.
  10. Venue and jurisdiction for any action pertaining to this agreement or any disagreement or claim between the parties hereto shall be in the state of Chennai, Tamilnadu except where the laws of your country expressly require the application of its laws.
    This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Chennai, Tamilnadu.
  11. A Distributor may cancel his/her Distributorship at any time and for any reason upon notice to the company. If a Distributor elects to cancel his/her Distributorship, MY SUCCESS VIBE will refund the price of his/her product order(s) and/or Business Development System in accordance with its policies. From the date of purchase if the cancelation occurs within 20 days of cooling period full amount to be refunded. If the cancelation is within 30 days amount refunded after deducting the applicable GST. After 30 days of receipt of purchase, money back is not applicable.
  12. No purchase or investment is necessary to become an Independent Distributor
  13. Termination. The Preferred Customer may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving a written notice to MY SUCCESS VIBE.The Agreement shall terminate automatically, with immediate effect, in the event that the Preferred Customer is appointed or reappointed as an MY SUCCESS VIBE Distributor. MY SUCCESS VIBE may, with immediate effect, terminate this Agreement for cause or due to legal or regulatory requirements by giving a written notice to the Preferred Customer.
  14. Login and Password. The Preferred Customer agrees that he/she shall not disclose, lend, divulge or otherwise permit any other party to use his/her login ID or password for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the purchase of MY SUCCESS VIBE Products from MY SUCCESS VIBE.
  15. Servicing Distributor.The Preferred Customer agrees that a Servicing Distributor, if not indicated on the Application,will be assigned to him/her. The Preferred Customer hereby consents to permit the Servicing Distributor to contact him/her in relation to products offered by MY SUCCESS VIBE, including notifications of promotions, and to the transfer of his/her data to the Servicing Distributor in accordance with the Privacy Policy.The Servicing Distributor will be available to assist the Preferred Customer with Product information, purchases, refunds or complaints.
  16. Self-Consumption. The Preferred Customer agrees that he/she shall use the Products purchased from MY SUCCESS VIBE for his/her self-consumption only, and shall neither resell the Products nor use the same for any commercial purpose. On time to time it will be necessary for you to provide MY SUCCESS VIBE with personal information for purposes related to your

Distributorship or your application to become a MY SUCCESS VIBE Distributor. These purposes may include:

  • Processing your Distributor Application
  • Processing your Distributor Application
  • Providing Distributor services such as planning and facilitating Distributor meetings and training
  • Administering Distributor benefits
  • Developing and implementing policies, marketing plans, and strategies
  • Publishing personal information in MY SUCCESS VIBE newsletters, promotional materials, and intra-group communications

Personal Information
Where permitted by the provisions of applicable law, MY SUCCESS VIBE may provide your personal information to the following third parties:

  • Employees, directors, and managers of MY SUCCESS VIBE and its local and foreign associated/affiliated companies
  • Any agent, contractor, supplier, vendor, or other third party who provides administrative, advertising, printing, or other services to MY SUCCESS VIBE or its affiliated companies, including but no limited to distribution centers, external auditors, medical practitioners, trustees, insurance companies, actuaries, and any consultant/agent appointed by MY SUCCESS VIBE or its affiliated companies to plan, provide, and/or administer Distributor benefits
  • Any government agency or other appropriate governmental or regulatory authority in the India or elsewhere such as but not limited to the Bureau of Internal Revenue.
  • Communicating Personal Information to Third Parties
  • Products that are damaged during transit, short supplied, blemished or defective in packaging will be replaced or refund. Members may make requests for replacement by telephone or appear in person within 10 days from receipt of the products in question. After verification, identical items shall be replaced within 7 days without charge.
  • Replaceable items are confined to products that generate bonus points only. Merchandise such as printed material, forms, documents and support materials that do not generate bonus points will not be replaced or returned.

Replacement of Products
Personal Data Protection & Right of Privacy

During sales activities, members are not allowed to distort or misrepresent the price, quality or ingredients of products of MY SUCCESS VIBE by any means, nor should they make exaggerated and deceitful statements relating to the functions of the products. If and when such an act causes damage to MY SUCCESS VIBE, members are liable for any and all damages and legal action will be taken accordingly. While promoting a product, members should explain in detail the information contained in the product label or product broachers approved by My success Vibe

Business Opportunity & Product Presentations

When conducting an introductory meeting for potential members, the approach should be honest, objective and professional and

members shall not cause the potential members to be mislead or deceived. The following approaches are not permitted:

  • This is an employment opportunity.
  • This is a social or non-business gathering.
  • This is a seminar/gathering on taxation, finance, investment or other similar purposes to promote sales.
  • When conducting an introductory meeting for new members, the potential members must not receive the following misleading impressions or be cheated.
  • The member cannot make a profit by simply introducing new members.
  • There are tax benefits to joining MY SUCCESS VIBE.
  • The income and bonus are guaranteed.
  • This is an opportunity to become rich as joining MY SUCCESS VIBE means "quick money". You can become rich by spending only a little effort.

When explaining benefits and earnings, members have to follow these guidelines:

  1. When using the examples set out in this Membership Agreement or in the printed matters of MY SUCCESS VIBE, you must clearly point out that the figures are for illustration only. When citing actual cases, prior consent of the members concerned must first have been acquired.
    Citing examples of success or benefits are allowed, but such examples are to be confined to those attained by or given to MY SUCCESS VIBE member be 18 years old and above.
  2. Proof of Identity: A photocopy of any one of the following;
    1. Passport
    2. Driving License
    3. Adhaar copy must be submitted
  3. Passport size photo (for ID card)
  4. Applicants must have bank account in India (for pay-out purposes).
  5. Delivery address must be in the India.
  6. Proof of VAT registration (if applicable)
  7. Pan card copy (for TDS detection)
  8. Must provide a copy of cancelled cheque or passbook copy
  9. Application Form
  10. Photocopy of Business Profile (for Companies)

Please read the Notice and Application Process as stated below carefully

  • Must fill out the Sponsor’s information and the Position Specification (Mandatory) Applicant
  • Must fill out the applicant’s information
  • Must affix your signature
  • Must retain the Applicant's photo Copy or soft copy. Notice
  • Incomplete forms will be returned to the submitter. MY SUCCESS VIBE
  • Receive and verify all information
  • Registration will only commence upon Confirmation
  • MY SUCCESS VIBE will issue the products and Starter-Pack
  • Please read all the pages carefully before filling out the required fields.
  • The Applicant’s (Individual or Company) and Sponsor’s signatures are required.
  • Applications without signatures will not be processed.
  • Notice: Missing / unclear details may delay the application process. Notice
  • Please read all the pages carefully before filling out the required fields.
  • The Applicant’s (Individual or Company) pan card copy and signatures are required.
  • Applications without pan copy and signatures will not be processed.
  • Notice: Missing / unclear details may delay the application process.
  • Application and required documents must be sent to company email id or upload in your back office.
  • changes or sponsor change must be done within 48 hours (in case of error).